Script Dumpster: Copy your MDT Task Sequence

Ever have a Task Sequence in MDT which you customized and configured to use a specific driver profile, then having to create a second one just for another model and you have to copy everything over? Well, I did and didn’t like it. So according to Johan Arwidmark [if you’re into MDT and don’t already know this guy, get to know him!], this is possible in various ways. Now while I used his approach, I didn’t like the fact that it wasn’t easily re-usable and I still had to provide various data myself.

Automagically update your MDT Boot Image

In case you’re using Microsoft’s awesome Microsoft Deployment Toolkit [MDT] solution, there might be a thing you don’t often do, but can take up a while of your time and can have quite some impact if you forget a few steps.. What I’m talking about is updating/regenerating your MDT Boot Images and replacing them within Windows Deployment Services [WDS]. Of course such a thing is ideally done through PowerShell as it automates and thus limits the amount of human errors possible.

Youve got the Power!! plan….

Today I was playing around on some machines on which I noticed the Power Plans were set incorrect, Balanced on a server :'( Now of course I can do this manually, or I can use PowerShell instead! Tools not scripts Since I want to use this more often and want to create my own “toolbelt” [aka module with common tools], I’ve decided to make the solution as advanced functions, not just scripts.

Invoke-Command wrapper function

A quick post this time about something that might be helpful for others, something that saves me from typing too much 🙂 I’ve noticed over the last week that I’ve been doing various remoting commands through Invoke-Command to the same machines, which require additional credentials to access. Why re-type something when you can automate it 🙂 Before I used to have to do the following: 1 2 3 4 5 $SCCMServers = 'CM01.

SCCM: Code breakdown - Deploy Application to Device Collection

As you might have noticed, I’m having fun playing around with SCCM lately and have really noticed that PowerShell is king here. While the application has great potential, I personally feel that the GUI is lacking functionality which you can only obtain through PowerShell. Of course this isn’t a problem, merely a challenge in some cases, but I feel that they could’ve stepped up a bit. It at least explains why I see so many SCCM admins playing around with PowerShell.

SCCM : Refresh Device Collection Memberships

I’m in the finishing stages of a new SCCM deployment, but also in the process of an Active Directory consolidation at the moment, and ran in to the following issue: A machine from Domain A has been re-imaged using SCCM to run in Domain B. SCCM has a Device Collection X for Domain A and Device Collection Y for Domain B. Device Collection Y has a Deployment for a specific VPN Application that’s required, otherwise it won’t run.