Lab: Intel NUC with Windows ServerCore 2012R2

Since I’ve decided to get more serious about updating my skills and knowledge again [also why I started blogging], I thought about getting a proper lab setup. The goal is to have a small, portable but powerful Hyper-V based lab which I can carry along with me from home and to work if need be. Now I tend to have a test setup on my home machine and one on my work laptop, depending on what I need at that moment.

Configuring PowerShell remoting through GPO

I’m loving the way Microsoft is currently pushing PowerShell as THE go-to tool required to manage all your solutions. I’m¬†at a loss however at why they aren’t providing out of the box solutions so that you can manage all of your workstations/servers through PowerShell. Sure, you can head over to every machine and configure PowerShell using 1 Enable-PSRemoting However I can understand that people have better things to do with their time [I sure do!

Importing users from Active Directory into Office 365

Today I ran into an issue where I had to quickly import x amount of users into an empty trial tenant from Office 365 in order for to prepare the future mail migration. Because I'm trying to get everything running through PowerShell, I thought this would be a nice moment to document everything for future use and for other people to see how it's done [or give tips ūüėČ ] Getting user information from Active Directory First of all I had to get the current user information from Active Directory in a format that I can use in

Connect to Office 365 using PowerShell

In order to manage your Office 365 tenant(s) using PowerShell, there are some pre-requisites required. Ensure you are running Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7. Make sure you have the .NET Framework 3.51 feature [enabled by default on Windows 8 and up] Make sure you have the latest updates. It is important to run this after you install .NET Framework 3.51, so you get updates for that in addition to updates for your operating system.

Reasons to blog

As I’m pondering what to write for my first proper techy blog post, I’ve got to thinking about WHY I’ve chosen to blog in the first place.

Info info info….

Re-inventing the wheel can troublesome and tiresome, and on the other hand constantly telling the same story like a broken record can cause motivational issues.. So I’ve decided to make my own little resource page to answer the question “Where to I begin when I want to learn PowerShell?”. Quickly run over to the new¬†“New to PowerShell” page to find various collected resources that will get you started! I will try and keep these updated on a regular basis in case something new pops up or in case things change/get outdated.